Taking care of your teeth is crucial, whether you’re on the sports field or tucked in bed. For those who have invested time and resources into orthodontic treatments, safeguarding that investment is paramount. Mouthguards are essential in this effort, but not all are created equal. Our custom mouthguards in Fort Wayne offer superior protection and comfort, which is especially important for patients who grind their teeth or play sports. Let’s explore why.


We cannot overstate the significance of mouthguards—they protect against tooth damage, nerve damage, and even tooth loss. For optimum protection and comfort, custom mouthguards, tailored to fit the unique contours of your mouth, are unbeatable. 

How Do I Get a Custom Mouthguard?

We meticulously craft our custom mouthguards to fit the unique contours of your teeth and gums, ensuring maximum protection. The process is simple yet precise: first, you’ll undergo a thorough dental impression or scan to capture every detail of your oral anatomy. Next, using high-quality, impact-resistant materials, your mouthguard is shaped to fit snugly over your teeth, affording you comfort and peace of mind. Finally, we perform a detailed fit check in our office, making any necessary adjustments to guarantee that your custom mouthguard offers unparalleled defense against dental injuries. Embrace your active lifestyle with the confidence that your teeth are well-protected by our commitment to excellence.

Why Use a Custom Mouthguard?

Superior Fit and Comfort

Custom mouthguards are designed from precise molds of your teeth, offering unmatched comfort and ensuring that your focus stays on your activity, not on adjusting an ill-fitting protector.

Enhanced Protection and Injury Prevention

A snug fit ensures that the force from any impact is distributed evenly across the mouthguard, mitigating the risk of injury. This level of protection is especially crucial for patients who have undergone dental corrections.

Better Oral Health and Hygiene

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, custom mouthguards minimize the risk of irritations and sores from constant rubbing and trap less bacteria, contributing to better oral hygiene.

Customization Options

Custom mouthguards don’t just offer safety and health benefits; they also come with various personalization options to suit individual preferences.

Material Choices

Different materials offer varying levels of protection. We can advise on the best material based on your specific needs for sports or overnight protection against teeth grinding.

Design and Color Options

Whether you want to show team spirit with your team colors or prefer a clear, unobtrusive look, custom mouthguards cater to your style without compromising performance.

Types of Custom Mouthguards

Sports Mouthguards

For athletes, custom sports mouthguards are indispensable. They fit ideally even with braces and provide robust protection against collisions and falls.

Night Guards for Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, affects many and can damage natural and orthodontically aligned teeth. Custom night guards serve as a barrier to prevent wear and safeguard your orthodontic work.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure your mouthguard provides lasting service, proper maintenance is key.

Cleaning and Storage Tips

Clean your mouthguard after each use with a toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste, and store it in a ventilated case to prevent bacterial growth.

Regular Check-ups and Replacements

As your dentition changes, we should regularly assess your mouthguard for fit and wear. Regular appointments with our team will keep your mouthguard optimal for your needs.

Custom Mouthguard in Fort Wayne

For OMI Orthodontics patients, a custom mouthguard is a small investment compared to its vast advantages—protection, oral health, and peace of mind. Remember, whether you’re an athlete who plays contact sports or simply seeking to protect your smile at night, the right mouthguard can make all the difference. End the battle against bulky, uncomfortable generics and step into the world of customized care.

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